Here at WVS, lessons are designed to come from a place of form to better understand our instruments by focusing on Technique, Theory, and Attitude.


Lessons are focused around developing the technique to preserve and maintain your instrument's longevity whether that's in the recording studio, at live performances, when practicing, using equipment (like a microphone), and touring tips to preserve and maintain your instruments longevity.

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Lessons are designed with your performance in mind.  We are avoiding appearing overly-trained or timid on a stage.  You spend a lot of time finding your own unique sound, so ultimately your art should come with a unique look.  This is something we'd focus on.

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Because you're training with an experienced musician.  We offer assistance with songwriting, engineering, recording, harmonies, guitar, bass, rhythm, equipment advice, song selection, auditioning, brand marketing, band development, and even touring advice.

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Established 2009 in Seattle, WA. At WVS, we teach all levels and styles of singing for young adults or older. Your mentor is not a stuffy uptight teacher. You're getting a chance to train with an international touring musician who trains students in between tours.

"Understand the rules so you know when and how to break them."