William Perry Moore has been teaching at Will's Vocal Studio since early 2009, and has been professionally singing for over 13 years in styles ranging from Musicals, Opera, Pop, Metal, and Rock.  He's an experienced performer with over 700+ performances under his belt.  At Will's Vocal Studio, the course focuses on realistic applications of singing. Such as auditions, karaoke, writing, recording, and performing as well as music theory and vocal techniques such as focusing on pitches, tones, styles, harmonies or power.  The courses focus on the ability to troubleshoot issues yourself,  help you rely on your fellow musicians, and know when to seek outside help. The most important thing we focus on at Will's Vocal Studio is how to maintain & understand your instrument so that you can perform night after night.

Training & Education: 

BA Honours Degree in Theatre & Music Performance from Middlesex University (London England)
Theatre & Music Performance at University of South Florida (Florida) 

Private Instruction:

Susan Carr (Seattle)   
David Owen Bell (London)
Roger Love (Los Angeles)
Brooke Beighle (Los Angeles)
Wolf Carr (Portland)
Lisa Hertzner (Florida)

The majority of Will's training & instruction comes from experience in performing musicals, band touring & band recording.

Example of Will's Voice: http://soundcloud.com/willsvocalstudio
Will's band:  http://www.theadarna.com    

Some of the students and bands Will has worked with:

Kris Orlowski Band
Van Eps
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
21 Feet
Side Hammer
Team Heartbreak
West Coast Bump