In addition to vocal technique, Will has made a number of very helpful suggestions on the art of arranging and performing my music. Results notwithstanding, I have found Will to be a great guy to work with, and I have come to count him a friend.
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Kris Orlowski Band

Kris Orlowski Band - Americana

Side Hammer

Side Hammer - Rock / Alt Country

Revolution Red

Revolution Red - Rock

Van Eps

Van Eps - Rock

Serial Hawk

Serial Hawk - Metal

Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens - Electro Pop


Orison - Rock


Moneta - Pop/Rock

Team Heartbreak

Team Heartbreak - EDM


Unchained - Worship Ensemble

Other Notable Bands / Singers:  Crimes Against the Queen, T-ROX, 21 Feet, Eros, Bandolier, Dromenon,  Rendetta, West Coast Bump, Down Glow, and SXO