Mic Technique - How To Not Nail Yourself In the Mouth!

This video is intended as a resource for WVS students.  I want to impress that these techniques are for performing music live on a stage, particularly for lead singers.  More importantly, these techniques work in conjunction with taking voice lessons.   If you are a student and you have questions about the video, be sure to talk to Will.

The Shure SM58 is the example microphone used in this video.  They're affordable and extremely durable.

How Durable?

This DurableMega-Ultra-Turbo Durable!

Consider purchasing your own microphone and XLR cable.   Venues do provide microphones and cables, however they are used by every single performer that comes through there...  Let me be clearer, that microphone you put your mouth near, is used by every single performer that comes into that venue.  #Delightful #MicrophoneKisses  If I haven't grossed you out enough, let me assure you that most sound engineers don't deep clean their microphone grilles with rubbing alcohol. #MicrophoneAroma #EssenceOfBro

Tip: If you do purchase your own cable and microphone, add some kind of customization to it.  The idea being to prevent accidentally leaving your equipment behind.   It'll also eliminate confusion if you wrap your microphone in colored-tape, apply a sticker, use spray paint, or bedazzle your mighty microphone with rhinestones galore.