Will's lessons are located in a private studio in Seattle, WA.   Lessons are 1 hour long.  We offer:

1 Lesson for $60   [purchase]
3 Lesson package for $150   [purchase]
10 Lesson package for $435    [purchase]
★★ 26 Lesson package for $995    [purchase]

Lessons are conducted Sun-Thurs 1pm-6pm and occasionally Fri & Sat (schedule permitting).  Please contact Will to schedule your first lesson.   You can read more about your mentor here.


Initially most students come to WVS for voice training, however, these lessons are designed around your goals and a bigger picture of how music is to play a part of your life/career.   Your instructor takes on the role of a music mentor to help guide you in decisions.  Some students start with voice lessons and develop into other aspects of the music industry such as recording, drums, guitar, songwriting, promotion, radio or marketing.


There's no time like the present to take control of your voice!  Training will help you be able to stick your pitches, support your voice, have proper air control, and let you enjoy yourself instead of being worried about making mistakes... are you ready?    LET'S DO THIS!LET'S DO THIS!



He is clearly passionate about his art and craft and this has rubbed off on me. My coaching sessions with Will are a genuine pleasure while a positive challenge! I am so glad I plucked up the courage to reach out to Will!
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