It was many things, but most of all it was catered towards what I wanted to learn. It didn’t feel like a “one-size-fits-all” kind of teaching. I came in with music goals in mind and didn’t know how to get there, but knew I needed support and guidance. I paid for several lessons upfront so I could really dive in. I have always had a goal of being a musician and writing/producing my own songs to perform. William was very patient, but also pushed me to move forward, even when times were hard, he encouraged small steps and worked with me through that! He gave me great, productive, and honest opinions about my voice and music tracks. Showed me where I could improve and gave me creative ideas to expand mental capacity. He incorporated all aspects of music and really dove into the details. From how to better perform live, to small ways of overcoming challenging vocal sections (mentally and physically), to the way other people experience music and how to “create” feelings and have intentional music writing. [Read Full]

L.A. Vation – U2 Tribute

L.A. vation - U2 Tribute


Moneta - Pop/Rock

Jason Hollow

Jason Hollow - Alt

Side Hammer

Side Hammer - Rock / Alt Country

Kris Orlowski Band

Kris Orlowski Band - Americana

Serial Hawk

Serial Hawk - Metal

Lonely City

Lonely City - Retrowave

Mysterious Ways – U2 Tribute


Devilry Music

Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens - Electro Pop


Unchained - Worship Ensemble


Orison - Rock

Van Eps

Van Eps - Rock

Ryan Ericsson

Ryan Ericsson - Indie/Singer Songwriter

Team Heartbreak

Team Heartbreak - EDM

Revolution Red

Revolution Red

Other Notable Bands / Singers:  Crimes Against the Queen, Smooth Richard, Georgi and the Drones, David Testa, Opaline, T-ROX, 21 Feet, Eros, Bandolier, Dromenon,  Rendetta, West Coast Bump, NL Church Renton, Down Glow, Miss Prince, The Jane Asylum and SXO

Do You Teach Non-Professional Singers?

WVS has been proud to teach hobbyists and employees of companies such as Boeing, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Starbucks, Sandusky, Overlake Hospital,  Alaskan Airlines, Delta Airlines, Bartell's, DSHS, and Emerald City Trapeze.   Bartenders, government employees, personal trainers, and a number of law firms have come through the doors of WVS.  If music is a passion of yours,  then we want to help you find your voice.