"It was many things, but most of all it was catered towards what I wanted to learn. It didn't feel like a "one-size-fits-all" kind of teaching. I came in with music goals in mind and didn't know how to get there, but knew I needed support and guidance. I paid for several lessons upfront so I could really dive in. I have always had a goal of being a musician and writing/producing my own songs to perform. William was very patient, but also pushed me to move forward, even when times were hard, he encouraged small steps and worked with me through that! He gave me great, productive, and honest opinions about my voice and music tracks. Showed me where I could improve and gave me creative ideas to expand mental capacity. He incorporated all aspects of music and really dove into the details. From how to better perform live, to small ways of overcoming challenging vocal sections (mentally and physically), to the way other people experience music and how to "create" feelings and have intentional music writing.
I am grateful for all that I have learned from him so far, my voice has improved dramatically in the last two years and I feel more confident in my skills and ability singing, music production, songwriting, and overall and an aspiring musician, thanks to him. He really catered towards my goals, listened to me, and gave great feedback every time. He also made his (very cool) studio a safe space. Sharing music, singing, and working on something that isn't perfect" is difficult, but he is encouraging, while helping you grow!"
-Charles K

"I actually live about 3 hours from Seattle and reached out to him in hopes that I could do online lessons. Will has been nothing but flexible and dynamic in the tools he uses to teach me. No doubt there is a disadvantage to learning to sing and play guitar via video however, Will works around and quickly overcomes these challenges. Taking lessons with him is so fun and informative. He thoroughly explains the importance of each exercise and encourages without criticizing. I have even had the pleasure of seeing him perform with one of his bands and the energy he emits is contagious! In my opinion if you’re not taking lessons with Will you’re definitely missing out."
Melissa R

"Will is an exceptional vocal coach and musician. He quickly assesses where you are vocally and gives you the information to achieve your goals in a way you can understand. He tracks and records your progress to review later and also has his website store clips and videos of important vocal exercises. He's much more than just a vocal coach. He has helped me set up my home recording studio, given me tips on recording techniques and even songwriting. Will's passion for music and singing can inspire anyone at any age to become a better singer!"
Gary P

"This has been a long time overdue. I have been a drummer for years but always had the urge to be at the front of the stage, we have all seen that a million times. I found Will through an ad not knowing what to expect. He was able to get me into his studio for a lesson sooner than I had thought. I had no idea the amount of discipline that was to take place. The man has stuck with me through many auditions, recordings, highs and lows from cover bands to duets and all the other fun along the way. This is the Seventh year of lessons with Will and I am still learning. He has taught me how to play guitar, basic music theory, stage presence, songwriting, how to get ready and nail an audition also how to be a vocal Viking in training. I have seen him perform with his band ,that will show you he's the real deal. It made my day that has got to see me up on stage with mine. I'm up on that stage thanks to him and all his support. If you dream of singing give him a call you wont regret it." "

-Cris B, Crimes Against the Queen

"I began taking voice lessons from Will last August. I will have to admit I was looking for a female instructor but I was referred to Will because the instructor I initially asked for was not available. I am so happy she was not available.
I received an email from Will stating he would like to first talk over the phone to make sure he understood what my goals were and to make sure he was the right fit for me. That impressed me immensely. It was clear to me that it wasn’t all about the money. It was about what I wanted to accomplish and if he was the right person for me.
I admit I was scared to death at the first lesson. I had never sung in front of anyone much less a professional singer and musician, but Will put me at ease. Will has the patience of a saint. He does not get frustrated when I’m having difficulty but encourages me to try it again, and again, and again….until I have it. If you are looking for a teacher who has a deep commitment to his students, who only wants to see his students shine then you need look no further. His love for music is infectious and he passes this love onto his student; making you want to be the best you can be.
I have also had the pleasure of watching Will perform. I was blown away. He performed 3 solid hours without a break. I’ve seen a number of well know bands and singers and none of them hold a candle to his performance."
Linda L

"Will is a total breath of fresh air. From our first conversation on the phone to see if we were a good match, to the last 6 months of voice lessons, I’ve always been so impressed with not only his technical knowledge but also with how he is able to easily translate the jargon. Will puts a hilarious spin on all things technique, which I think really helps disarm students (it’s soooo embarrassing to have someone hear your voice crack!) but also allows the concepts to sink in better (since he makes them super relatable). Will is just also an all-around good human who makes it a point to always call out your good qualities while being sincere and encouraging in areas where more work needs to be done. Plus he has cool hair.""

-Franziska R.

"Having Will as a vocal coach has been one of the most empowering experiences in my life. It's not too often, in fact ever, to present yourself completely vulnerably and sing what you feel and what you've been through...And be listened to! Wholeheartedly!

Will is patient, humble, professional, creative in his teachings and extremely knowledgeable of the voice.
I thank Will so much for helping me find my singing and speaking voice, and with that, I can confidently bring it everywhere - to the workplace, home, wherever I go!"
-Minh Lu

"Learning with Will has been a great growing experience for me. I’m just starting out on my journey to find my own voice, but - in only a short time - he has helped me overcome my self-consciousness and has taught me that we only make progress by making mistakes - the more mistakes we make and the closer to our limits we get the better! He is clearly passionate about his art and craft and this has rubbed off on me. My coaching sessions with Will are a genuine pleasure while a positive challenge! I am so glad I plucked up the courage to reach out to Will!"

-Richard C.

"About a year before my wedding I got in my head the crazy idea, that I would surprise my bride-to-be, by singing the song we would use for our first dance. Anyone who knows me, would know this was not something she would ever expect. I met with Will at his training studio and quickly I found 3 important things out: 1) I had no idea how much there was to singing, 2) Will was clearly a professional at it, and 3) Will is a skilled teacher as well, breaking things down in a way I knew was just for me, so I could pick it up as quickly as possible.

Long story less long, after taking my classes that Will customized to my needs, we made a recording of the cover song I was wanting, and took my bride by complete surprise on our wedding day! Still to this day, she has the song on her phone, making her smile after each listen.  Thank you Will!"   

- Cecil J

"I came across William when I was looking for a vocal instructor who could help elevate my love for singing, rock music. I noticed right away, from the pictures on his website, that he wasn’t just a teacher, but someone who was living what he taught.

I came to him just wanting to look cool amongst my karaoke friends, which I quickly did. He soon pushed me to think bigger, and uncovered something within me that I thought was too crazy to believe in. He created safety so that I could be vulnerable. He helped me let go of my fears of being off-pitch. Because as Will told me, “it’s ok to be off pitch, but it is not ok to hold back”. I have been working with William for several years. The amount of knowledge, technique, and confidence he instilled within me felt like 10 years of work crammed into a few years of instruction. I have always been so impressed with William’s professionalism. He runs a business that is ice cold with no mistakes. He is never late, he never makes excuses, and he delivers value 100% of the time.

I have a young daughter. As any parent knows, it’s hard to carve out time for yourself. William had no problem letting my daughter come to our practice sessions. She has even come to love “Mr. Will”. I can tell she takes pride in seeing her mom going after her dreams. He delivers it all; vocal technique, music theory, song writing, and live performance direction that you just can’t get anywhere else. He was spot on with counseling me through the process of starting a band and the growing pains that come along with it. Oh, did I mention that?
Not only did he give me the confidence and ability to crush my initial goal, but he convinced me that I could be the lead singer of my own band. Which is exactly what happened. I am now the lead singer of an all-female rock band, playing live performances. Something, I thought could only happen in another life. His industry connections and honest feedback have become an invaluable resource for me. Whether you have small goals or big goals, William is the instructor who can help get you there. Come in as a fan and leave a Rockstar!"

-Devon Johnson Porter,  Revolution Red

"I have been taking voice lessons with Will for 2 years now and love it! Since my last voice instructor moved, it took me almost 5 years to find one that I liked. Most voice instructors make you sing classical music, but Will encourages you to sing what you want. He will never tell you something is too challenging, or your voice isn't good enough. He will always help you to sing, or play, anything you want. However, a little self-awareness doesn't hurt. I learned very quickly that I am a ways away from singing a Jennifer Holliday song. All in all, Will is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and just an overall fun dude to hang out with. I highly recommend him as an instructor!"

- Kristina S

"Will is one of the most talented voices in the Seattle music scene easily. Going to many of his concerts every rock experience he has brought on stage shakes the crowd, and his personality on stage draws people in. Modern-day local rock star."

- Zack B (TBPony)

"I was terrified about meeting a genuine, touring musician and seriously doubting my sanity – could I really learn to sing? Yes, it turns out I can - and I’m not half bad! His lessons are exceptional and of a much higher standard than the school’s. Will’s lessons combine music theory with practical, his passion and expertise are exhilarating. I feel like I’m going to end up with a graduate degree in music and the ability to really rock it on a stage. I’m even thinking about performing with a band! I highly recommend Will, no matter what your level or ability. His professionalism and experience impress me greatly and he’s also a lot of fun, not to mention incredibly patient and encouraging. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional singer, go see Will. Plus, his home studio is inspiring and well equipped and I appreciate how he records all my lessons for me to review. Fame is just around the corner…."
- Erin K

"When I perform somewhere, I get lots of positive comments on my voice; people who heard me before, are simply amazed. With each session, I find myself improving. I now share lead vocals in my band, Unchained. After hearing what Will was doing for me, another of our lead vocalists (who was very good) started taking lessons from Will and has improved noticeably. In addition to vocal technique, Will has made a number of very helpful suggestions on the art of arranging and performing my music. Results notwithstanding, I have found Will to be a great guy to work with, and I have come to count him a friend."
- Geoff W, Unchained

"I look forward to each of my vocal session with Will. Not just because I get to learn a ton, but also because it's a ton of fun. He gives loads of positive encouragement throughout and really cares about his students reaching their goals. It's been great so far!"
- Soundarya B

"Will is very personable and patient. He is dedicated to helping me find my own voice. Will taught me that my voice is unique, all our voices are, and I have learned the importance of holding that idea inside myself as a performer and writer. I continue to learn valuable vocal techniques and nuances from Will as I pursue my singing ambitions."
- Stephen J, Opaline